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Underused inspiring locations as informal office space for your every day different needs, paid by the hour.

Find an inspiring workspace, just when others don't need it

You can choose every day a location based on your working needs, every location is special for something! In just 3 simple steps you can find your extraordinary office with other Twostayers. Simply choose the location you need, settle and work and share your day with other professionals

How, tell me how??

Simply Choose!

Find the location you prefer, check for availability, price and offering, book your spot and pay per hour.


Receive a confirmation with all the details to get started! Take a seat, work with other Twostayers.


Chat, exchange ideas and find new opportunities and join community events.

Becoming a Twostayer is FREE

You will pay for each booking you make, for the time you decide to work. Each location has its own price and its own specials included, don't miss the experience to try them all!

Our Mission

We believe in a word in which you can work on what you like, what you good at, when you prefer to work and wherever you feel inspired. Without any difference between employees or freelancers. Our mission is to empower the professionals of the future to make every workday worth and shared.

We want to combine a better efficient use of our rare spaces in the cities while reimagining and forseeing alternatives to our open, more flexible and majorly changing ways of working. 

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