Coworking in Munich made different.

We take restaurants and event locations in the hours they are not used by the location owners and turn them into inspiring coworking spaces!
Munich is the city where everything started. In this city cool coworking spaces should not be missing. This vibrant city is home to talented freelancers and digital nomads, and also big companies that can set the trends and the examples for the New Work all over the country and beyond. We are very proud that we have found so many cool spots in this city so we could start our journey with Twostay back in 2019. From here we expanded to other cities. We were driven by the vision to create an active and unique coworking community sharing the same values as we do.

Coworking Munich - Twostay x Lump

For Munich we picked a historic location: Lump, Stein & Küchenmeister. It is inside the Alter Hof (Old Court) which served as Imperial Residence from 1255. It’s located in the center  of Munich – between Marienhof, Opera and Hofbräuhaus.

Coworking München_LumpxTwostay

Coworking Munich - Holzkranich x Twostay

Furnished in cozy living room style with squeaky armchairs and a wide sofa. Holzkranich is your perfect office in Munich Schwabing.

Coworking München_HolzkranichxTwostay

Coworking Munich - Pirlo x Twostay

The light airy atmosphere of an Austrian Kaffeehaus, colored in beautiful turquoise. In the vibrant neighborhood of Giesing.

Coworking München Pirlo Space

You can stay for free, as a Space Captain

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