Coworking spaces in Munich

We take restaurants and event locations in the times not used by the location and turn them in a perfect coworking space !

Coworking Space in Munich
- Lump

Lump Munich Coworking space Munich Twostay Coworking In Lump Weinbar

For Munich we picked an historic location:  Lump, Stein & Küchenmeister Munich is inside Alter Hof (Old Court) which served as Imperial Residence from 1255. It’s located in the center-center of Munich – between Marienhof, Opera and Hofbräuhaus. 

Coworking Space in Munich
- Holzkranich

Holzkranich Restaurant x Twostay Coworking

Furnished in cozy living room style with squeaky armchairs and a wide sofa. Holzkranich is your perfect office in Munich Schwabing.

You can stay for free, as a Space Captain

You find us:

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