What we think

Since the start of this journey we have strove to build a company that can look sustainably at the future and adding value to our cities, community, team members and investors. We challenge how things are done and other people approach realities, creating our own rules. We believe in the power of uniqueness and the full conviction that diversity is what drives innovation and improvement, we are working for a world in which people are working on projects they love, they wake up with a purpose and drive the change – we want to be the space and the community that empowers them to reach those goals.

Who we are


Co-founder & CEO

CEO Twostay Coworking Munich


Co-founder & CSO

CSO Twostay Coworking Munich


Community Manager

Community Manger Twostay Coworking Munich


Head of Growth

Tobias Pieper Head of Growth Twostay


Marketing Intern

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