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What to do in Regensburg

In 2006, Regensburg officially gained the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site for having “the only authentically preserved large medieval city in Germany”. Here you’ll find a one-stop list of the top-ranked places to visit, from tourist attractions, to restaurants and bars, and where to work from if you need a workspace with fast internet. Our Community host in Regensburg, Tanja, has great recommendation for you!

1. What to see: Top rated tourist attractions


St. Peter’s Cathedral

One of Regensburg’s landmarks, marked with Gothic architecture, you can hear the beautiful sounds from the largest hanging organ in the world inside St. Peter’s Cathedral. The Cathedral is located within walking distance from the Danube river, where you can take boat trips to explore the city by water.

Old Stone Bridge

Crossing the River Danube, Old Stone Bridge offers beautiful views of the city. If you’d like to find out more about the construction and history of the bridge, make sure to stop by the Bridge Tower Museum, which is the only remaining tower on the bridge. To us, also looks quite good for a sunset drink!

St. Emmermam’s Palace:

You can opt for a guided tour through the St. Emmermam’s Palace, which was built in the 19th century, and experience how the lives of some of the most prestigious aristocrats of the time lived through the preserved palace interior.


Built during the time of King Ludwig in 1807, Walhalla is a resemblance of the Athenian Parthenon, symbolizing the support to unify many German states. It is suggested to book an inclusive boat tour that will take you from Regensburg to Walhalla. Many of the boat trips that you can board from Regensburg include a guided tour of the Walhalla. It will look like you are standing in Athens!

Regensburg Museum of History Regensburg Museum of History will give you a glimpse into the historical essence of the city of Regensburg. The rich history is on display with art representing cultural shifts that occurred throughout Estern Bavaria. The Museum of Bavarian History A portrayal of how Bavaria was created, using different digital multimedia to present the defining cultural events.

2. Guided Tours

Here you can find several packages for individuals and groups that take you to many of the UNESCO World Heritage sites within the city. Packages include breakfast and two nights’ accommodation stays at a local hotel. If you’re traveling alone and would like an idea of how to spend the duration of your trip, here you will find suggestions on traditional restaurants, what to visit, and where to shop for souvenirs.
Are you planning a Christmas trip to Regensburg? Then check this out. Or check out this Christmas boat trip.

3. The best cafes

Our Community host in Regensburg, Tanja, wants to suggest you her favourites tips in terms of cafes and restaurants. Here following is her selection, feel free to try them out and tell her what you think!

Cafe Lila: informal and great for your outdoor afternoons, but also open until late if you are looking for a bar for your afterwork drinks! Insider tip, burgers are quite epic!

Die Couch: as you may imagine, this place will make you feel like you are in your own living room. Outdoor & obviously couch siting options are also available. 

4. The best restaurant (in our opinion)

Ha Tien: did we say Asian?  this place offers great  variety of food and portions are fairly big to make you full!

Alte Linde: we are in Bavaria after all… This place will remind you of this with good food and awesome view on the Danube!

5. To get some work done

If you’re in Regensburg for a work-related trip, you can get yourself a one-day or half-day ticket to a local coworking space and get some productive hours in. Check out the new Twostay coworking space, which started in Munich and now has spaces in Düsseldorf, Nürnberg, Regensburg, and Hamburg.

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