Conferences and Events fro Munich Freelancers in March

Upcoming conferences and events for Munich freelancers in March

We’ve rounded up some of the many upcoming conferences happening within the next couple of months in Munich. The topics of the conferences vary from latest innovations of IT to Marketing and Analytics trends worth noting within this year. So save this to look back and we got free tickets!!


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1) Women in Innovation Panel – 5th of March


The panel will be an exchange about what female innovators are doing to change the world today, share their experiences, inspire future leaders and to remember the groundbreaking women that paved our way.
Topics including Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Science & Technology, and Business will be discussed and presented throughout the evening.

More information and tickets provided at:

2) Chamber of beautiful business – 6th of March

Aiming to bring together leaders and changemakers who share a common quest: to shape a more beautiful vision for the future of business, technology, and humanity, built on emotions, ethics, and aesthetics instead of efficiency, extraction, and exponentialism.

3) TOCA ME Design Conference – 7th of March


“One day full of inspiration, from graphic design, illustration and typography to creative coding, net art and artificial intelligence”

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4) Munich Creative Business Week – From 7th of March to 15th of March

“Nachhaltigkeit ist zeitlos: Ursprünglich aus dem Ökologischen kommend, hat sich die Forderung auf die Bereiche Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft und Kultur erweitert. Mittlerweile ist der zwischenzeitlich mal sehr abgenutzte Begriff wieder salonfähig – und die Dringlichkeit ist (weitestgehend) unbestritten: Es ist Zeit zu handeln und das Morgen zu gestalten. Welch wunderbare Aufgabe für Designerinnen und Designer! Was für Laien überraschend erscheinen mag, ist für Gestalter aller Art in aller Welt längst Alltag: Gutes Design ist eine Lösung!”

To sum up in English, good design is the KEY to long-term sustainability of a business. You must be able to picture the environment you would want to live in in the future in order to plan for it today.

Tackling topics such as:

Future of Innovation, Future of Digitalization, Future of Communication, Future of Work, Future Cities And Future of Fashion

More information and tickets:

5) Design Loves Change – 9th of March


We will talk about the city of the future, mobility and the role of design in creating innovative, meaningful solutions. Discuss what works for the design and innovation of the future.

More information and tickets:

6) Forward Festival – 12th of March and 13th of March​

Forward brings together the best international and local creative heads, who provide insights into their success stories in an exciting atmosphere. The conference, the centerpiece of the festival, is accompanied by various side events, such as workshops, live art sessions and networking events.

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Steps to enter to win the tickets:
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2) Like the post titled “Freelancing Events”
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More information and tickets:

7) SEO/ SEA world Conference:
Designed for Youtube and Google Marketeers – 
March 10-11, 2020


Keyword analysis, mobile SEO, and the right campaign strategy are central issues for companies when it comes to placement on any platform. This conference brings the know-how of established experts and the specialists of the search engine in-house and answers your questions.

More information and tickets:

8) Facebook World Conference – 10th of March


Ever heard of Facebook? Well, they are hosting the “Facebook World Conference” in Munich on March 10th to discuss all the latest marketing insights from Instagram and parent company Facebook.

More information and tickets:

9) DYGITIZED Transformation Conference – 11th and 12th of March


Looking to join in on a digital conference, new work conference, digital transformation conference, digital marketing conference, and much MORE?!
Then check out the DYGITIZED Transformation Conference!

More information and tickets:

10) Startup Creasphere – 11th of March


Interested in the healthcare industry, if you simply want to learn more about the latest innovations within the industry, Startup Creasphere has “selected new interesting and disruptive startups into our 3-months program to transform healthcare together!”

More information and tickets:



Tackling the question “what motivates customers to exchange their precious time for brand experiences?” can be a life-long and continually changing search. It is critical to know how to create value on both sides of the equation.
“Quest for the Grail” helps you answer these questions in order to stay relevant within your industry and to your customers.

More information and tickets:

12) International Search Summit – 17th of March


Take your global campaigns to the next level and grow your business around the world!

More information and tickets:

13) AllFacebook Marketing Conference – from March 17th to March 19th


Much more than a social media conference or festival. From March 17th to 19th you can experience social media marketing with all kinds of forms in Munich. A selection that is unique in German-speaking countries – and can be adapted to your needs. This is an integrated conference with workshops, seminars, and keey notes.

More information and tickets:

14) MobileTech Conference & Summit – From 30th of March to 1st of April

The conference and training event for mobile development with “Less theory, more practice!” MobileTechCon offers two workshop days and one conference day, imparting valuable practical know-how on mobile product development.

More information and tickets:


Phhewwww that was a long list! At least you can look back on this within the next couple months for all your conference, summit, workshop, event needs without having to search forever to find one you like. You have them all in one place now!
*Don’t forget to enter your name for a chance to win a free ticket to TOCA ME or Forward Festival*



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