Twostay Remote Coworking.

While waiting to open our normal coworking….join our community! We cowork together remotely every day if you want to take part get your ticket here for 20€ a month. Plus: we share our know-how online in many cool sessions. See program below. All free for now!

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga w/Donna

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A creatively paced flow that will build warmth, open energy channels and space within your physical body. 

Using social media for your business w/Dionne

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Dionne will speak about ways businesses can improve through using social media. How to use the motivation and psychology of the audience to break through challenges with their group.

Digital lunch

Twostay Remote - Zoom

Join a community lunch

Dealing with overwhelm w/Maribel

Twostay Remote - Zoom

In this hands-on online workshop Maribel shares techniques for regulating your emotions, discussing how to improve your energy and getting you in a positive  mindset for this challenging time.

How the guitar teaches you music w/ Anthony

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A short introduction to get a deeper understanding of how music works. We will do this by taking a look at the build and structure of a guitar

Weekly wrap-up w/Tam

Twostay Remote - Zoom

Es ist Freitag und auch zu Quarantänezeiten darfst du dich auf das wohlverdiente Wochenende freuen. Was hast du alles geschafft? Feier mit uns deine Erfolge! Was waren deine Learnings, lass uns teilhaben! Hast du schon einen Ausblick für nächste Woche?

Women in politics w/Lena

Twostay Remote - Zoom

Why it is difficult for women to find their own voice and how they go their way to find their voice

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