best productivity apps for freelancers

10 Top Productivity Apps for Freelancers

Being self-employed requires a ton of self-motivation and time-management skills in order to know how to divide up your time productively without someone there to guide you. Luckily, we live in an age where there are apps for EVERYTHING. So, if you’re not naturally the most organized person out there (‘cause who is?), then you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best productivity apps for you to download today and start optimizing your time as efficiently as possible in 2020

This is the perfect productivity app if you need to manage any aspect of your life- If you need recurrent reminders of tasks to do once a week like cleaning out your fridge, or simply for a meeting that you have coming up. You can even add team members or friends to remind them of upcoming tasks!

If you are planning an upcoming trip where you know you won’t be working or using the app, you have the option of setting up a “vacation” mode that won’t hurt your productivity analytics provided by the app! 


  • Free Version
  • Premium: €3/ month (billed annually)

2- Habitica:

Building new habits is hard work… They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit, but we all know that sometimes that doesn’t go exactly how we planned! 

Ever considered having an avatar for habit-tracking? Habitica makes tracking fun by being able to level-up and earn character upgrades just like a video game! This encourages users to set realistic goals since, once your “health” drops below 0, your avatar dies off- a concept termed “Gamification”.

So make sure to set realistic goals for yourself and stick to them if you want to keep your avatar alive!


  • Free Version
  • Group Version: $9/month + $3 per member

3- Evernote:

Effective way of note-taking that can even scan your pages for you with optical character recognition (meaning that it turns your scanned files into text)- which is super helpful to look back on! Play around with colors and fonts, and make check-lists to keep you on track. This is pretty much an all-in-one app if you are more interested in convenience and ease of use.


  • Free Version
  • Premium: 6.99/ month
  • Business: 13.99 per user/month

4- Pocket:

Do you ever come across an article that you would be super interested in but you’re so busy and just don’t have the time at the moment?

Pocket will SAVE YOU! You can store articles for offline-browsing at a later time and can pull it up on any device- from your PC to your smartphone!


  • Free Version
  • Premium (monthly membership): $4.99/month
  • Premium (annual membership): $44.99/year

5- Slack:

Slack is a powerful tool for messaging and collaborating with team-members. The history is searchable, which makes it easy to look back through what you spoke with your co-workers about or specific topics. You can create different channels that allow you to differentiate between teams that you may have separate projects with. 


  • Free Version
  • Standard: “For small- and medium-sized businesses” €6.25/mo*
  • Plus: “For larger businesses or those with additional administration needs” €11.75/mo*

6- Coggle:

A mind-mapping tool for brainstorming all your best ideas in one place. You can use it on any major web browser or download the app on your phone to access all your maps!

This is the perfect tool for freelance creatives or when you need somewhere to put down all your great ideas to look back on later!


  • Free Version
  • Premium: $5/month 
  • Business Version: $8/month/member

7- Scrivener:
If you are someone who does a lot of writing for a living or for certain projects, being in the professional world or university, Scrivener is one of the best apps for you. This will make planning out an essay, novel, or research paper much more organized by allowing you add in different idea blocks that you can build on later.


  • Free Trial
  • Full Access: €53
  •  Student & Academic Affiliates: €45

8- LastPass

What was the password for my account again? Don’t you feel like you always set the same password for everything yet still manage to forget it ALL. THE. TIME? LastPass will save you from having to hit the “Forgot password?” button ever again! Simply create an account and let LastPass auto-fill your information.


  • Free Version
  • Premium: € 2,67/ month
  • Families: € 3,56 /month (for up to 6 users)

9-  Forest:

This app is so unique for anyone that procrastinates or gets easily distracted while working or studying. When you start a “block” in the app, you are effectively planting a seed towards your forest. Every tree represents a time block that you successfully completed without getting distracted or exiting the app! If you scroll through your phone, your tree dies. So stick to your task! It’s a great motivation for those that need an extra push to focus on one task.


  • In-app purchase: 2,29€

10- Google Calendar
Last but not least, you can’t forget to have a calendar app to keep you on track from everything between work tasks to class time (for those of you who are students). Google Calendar is optimized for every platform and is very user-friendly, making it easy to differentiate between tasks by color-coding. You can also add people in a meeting slot with a specific time and location that you are planning to meet. Having a reliable calendar app on your phone is a MUST and hands down one of the most important in this entire list!


  • Free Version
  • Business Version: $5/user/ month (this premium feature unlocks Google Premium for the rest of your Google apps too)

When it comes to finding the perfect app for your individual needs, it all comes down to trying out what works for you and what doesn’t. The best part is that all these apps have a basic free membership so it doesn’t hurt to experiment! 

I hope these tips were helpful in starting off 2020 as productive as possible, and given you some ideas into how productivity apps can positively impact your workflow!

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