Do you wanna grow your own coworking community?

Twostay supports you in making it happen with no budget or risk. No matter where you are - there are many freelancers and remote workers around you looking for a space where to work and connect.

Scout for a perfect space

Twostay helps you in finding the perfect spot and supports you in the negotiations and marketing materials. Contracts and insurance is on us.

Receive Twostay Kit

Twostay app to manage coworkers, mobile WiFi, signs and everything you need to make your coworking awesome. You get access to our learning academy of how to grow a community and Twostay Team support.

Grow your community

Get your people in and make the space thrive. We support with with budget and infrastructure.

Earn money

Get money, organize events and grow your own business.

Twostay coworking happens in spaces like  Bars or Restaurants when they are closed.

Do you know that the building sector is responsible for 40% of the overall CO2 emissions, way too much!

Pick your favourite spot in your neighbourhood and turn it in your Twostay coworking…

Are you interested? Just get in touch with us!