Coworking in Munich Schwabing!

Check out this perfect space we have selected for you: Holzkranich

Enjoy your productive work and connect with new coworkers!

Furnished in cozy living room style with squeaky armchairs and a wide sofa. Holzkranich will make you feel good. “Urig” and authentic. The space has a really big window that brings in daylight and a second floor with a big table( gallery style). This space is your perfect office in Schwabing.

If you need more information, check their website HERE

Our Pricing

Icon Twostsay Coworking Space Munich


Half Day

4 hours

Icon Twostay Coworking Space Munich


One Day

8 hours

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One Month


Tam Community Host Holzkranich München Coworking

- your Community Host

Tam is your community genie in Holzkranich. With her natural talent to hold a space that makes it easy for people to connect and feel comfortable we highly recommend you to join the Holzkranich community. Tam has always been a free spirit and passes inspiration and energy to people around her, unconditionally. That’s what makes her a perfect consciousness coach, mindfulness trainer and group leader. It’s not easy to describe her, you rather experience her in numerous event formates, e.g. group coaching series to find your purpose, an eye contact happening, women circles or at groundings in the nature.Are you nosy? Do you want to co-create with her to make the world more colorful? Connect with Tam here and also stay informed about her inspiring (stunning, mind-blowing) events

You can stay for free, as a Space Captain