Resource List : Healthy Habits For A Better You

The sum of many small actions is usually much greater than one one. Our routines and daily actions are what shape our futures. As of recently the whole world has adapted to a new norm, and people’s routines have been flipped upside down while working from home. In order to be your best, you need to feel your best. We have selected various articles, websites and apps to help you form healthy habits while working from home.

Resources to Support a Healthy Immune System

The stresses we put our body and mind through on a regular basis can have a negative effect on a well functioning immune system. Our immune system is the little invisible shield we carry around in our bodies to protect us from infections and diseases. Keeping a strong immune system and knowing how to deal with stress is critical to ensure we can fight off whatever comes our way. 

This article highlights what we can add / cut out of our lives to create healthy habits to support our immune system. In addition they have included various practices you can add to your daily routine to lower your stress levels for a more clear head and better sleep!

Resources to Support a Healthy Immune System Right Now

Yoga Before Bed for a Good Night's Sleep?

Getting our bodies and minds to slow down before bed can seem like a never ending battle. Calming exercises that allow us to slow our breathing and calm our autonomic nervous system can play a huge role in getting better sleep each night. 4 easy stretches before bed can be just the thing for better sleep and more energy! 

4 Yoga Stretches for a Good Night’s Sleep

Healthy Sleep Habits to Boost Your Energy

Keeping a sleep routine is critical in keeping our circadian rhythm in sync. Our circadian rhythm is a natural internal process that regulates our sleep and wake cycle and repeats on each rotation of the Earth roughly every 24 hours. The 8 steps in this article will give you a blueprint of healthy sleeping habits that will help you enhance your sleep and accomplish your dreams – not just the ones you get while sleeping!

8 Tips for Better Sleep at Night

Small, Incremental Changes

A new year with many new opportunities and goals!! Small incremental changes are what can help us achieve the goals we have set for ourselves and our companies! Headspace has come up with a great tactic to add your actionable steps into routines you already have formed! More mental clarity and sticking to your routine will help those dreams become reality!

Small, incremental changes: how to keep your New Year’s resolution


Your ultimate resource for anything to do with a healthy mind and healthy habits. Mindful gives their readers simple and digestible information to help them try new practices, and make them stick. Mindful covers a lot more than just ‘mindfulness”. You will find articles and podcasts related to sleep, relationships, journaling, physical health, kids and many more! 


Book: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

Scientific expert, Doctor Matthew Walker explores 20 years of cutting edge research to try and answer the mysterious questions of “Why Sleep Matters?”. This compelling book will teach you the basics of a sleep schedule avoiding stimulants and how to maximize your sleep in order to perform at your best.



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