Coworking in Düsseldorf
made different.

Your extended home office, whenever you need it. A Coworking space in Düsseldorf to work, connect and get inspired.

Coworking Düsseldorf
- The space

We take restaurants and event locations in the times not used by the location and turn them in a perfect coworking space  – quite genius!

For this one we are partnering up with Retematäng! (Ratinger Str. 43)

Retematäng x Twostay Coworking Düsseldorf

In Retematäng, tradition meets modern, good OLD meets wonderfully new – in short: a timeless cross-generational meeting point for young and old. Both for your working days or for your drinking nights, this place is perfect to meet a uncomplicated and informal crowd. After the coworking opening hours, you could stay longer and keep working when the coworking slowly transits into a bar.

Monday - Friday
9AM - 5PM

Coworking space in Düsseldorf

Check out this perfect space we have selected for you! Retematäng

Enjoy your productive work and connect with new coworkers!


Our Pricing
- Coworking Düsseldorf

6€/ half-day
12€/ day
95€/ month

You can use your Twostay ticket in all of our locations. Of course, this is most relevant for the monthly pass. But theoretically true for the half-day too.

All plans include:


– Wi-Fi

– Water

– Filter Coffee

– Community events


Icon Twostsay Coworking Space Munich


Half Day

4 hours

Icon Twostay Coworking Space Munich


One Day

8 hours

cirlce coworking munich twostay


One Month


Icon Sweet Coworking Space Munich Twostay



You save money

You can stay for free, as a Space Captain

- your Community Host

Meike was born into the tourism industry and has never made any attempt to leave it. She was working and travelling around the globe for round about 10 years before she settled down in Düsseldorf in 2010.
Beside looking out for the best spaces in town for meeting and connecting people, she is a travel writer and a tour guide in Düsseldorf, Brussels and Paris.
So if you need any kind of tourism or travel texts, she’s the one to talk to. Or do you want to know the secrets of Düsseldorf? Remember she’s a tour guide!