Coworking in Cologne

Coworking Space in Cologne
- The space

We take restaurants and event locations in the times not used by the location and turn them in a perfect coworking space!

In Cologne, Wilma Wunder is one of the most chic place you will find to work at Twostay. The space reserves for us the upper area just for Twostayers but you could still enjoy a good cappuccino or some delicious food at the cafe.

Cologne centre

Wilma Wunder (Friesenstraße 82, 50672 Köln)

DI-FR// 9AM-5:30PM

Our Pricing
- Coworking Cologne

6€/ half-day
12€/ day
95€/ month

Our passes are not location specific and you can access all spaces in our network with a monthly pass.

All plans include:


– Wi-Fi

– Water

– Filter Coffee

– Community events


You can stay for free, as a Space Captain