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Wilma Wunder x Twostay Cologne

Wilma Wunder is one of the most chic place you will find to work at Twostay. The space reserves for us the upper area just for Twostayers but you could still enjoy a good cappuccino or some delicious food at the cafe.

Monday - Friday
9AM - 5:30PM
  • Water, Coffee or Tea
  • WiFi
  • 10% off on Wilma Wunder food & beverages
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Half Day

4 hours

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One Day

8 hours

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One Month


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nadine Coworking Cologne Twostay Community Host

- your Community Host

Love your city – few take this as seriously as Nadine. Youth work in Veedel or as the first point of contact for tourists at the cathedral or in all the years of bartendering in Südstadt. Nadine likes to connect people and create relaxed places of well-being. Are you looking for the best outdoor sports after a long day at your desk? Or looking for a hidden, unpretentious bar with good beer? Best pizza in Cologne? Feel free to ask about Nadine’s favorite places! She is looking forward to refreshing encounters and friendly people. She loves Cologne cultural places, cycling, small radio stations and books. Kindness is cool!