We are taking this moment very seriously. Your safety always has been our main concern and we will make sure we always cope with those times with the only goal to make you, your family, and your colleagues safe. 

Corona changed our lives and posed a huge challenge for our business, we are making the best out of it and we want to turn this in an opportunity – we know you can do the same! Whatever is your project, don’t give up! If you are tired of lockdown or your feel down, it will all have an end and we here to support you! Reach out to us, to your Community Host or Space Captains for any questions, concerns or a chat!

Wear your mask!

When you enter, when you go to the toilet but not when you sit down to work at your desk

We make sure you are 1.5m to other coworkers!‚Äč

Make sure to respect this distance when you are sitting down, unless there are dividers in the space!

No coffee or water ...

We are not allowed to serve you coffee or water or anything else, please bring food and drinks from home if you wish:)

Please knock

Door must be locked, so please knock on arrival (Munich Spaces)

Disinfect your hands & your workspace

You find disinfectants, use them as much as possible

Fresh air

We open window and bring fresh air in regularly

Fast tests

We are offering in some spaces fast tests free on Monday and Friday