Open a Twostay in your hood!

Do you want to grow your own coworking community of outstanding professionals? Widen your network and generate projects and customers?
Or maybe you have already an underused space? Are you searching for the right business for it?

Then Twostay is for you! No matter where you are - there are freelancers and remote employees around you who are looking for an environment in which they can work and network. Open Twostay in your city! Are you interested? Just contact us!

How does it work?

If you don't have a space
We help you win the best spot in your town!

Twostay helps you in finding the perfect spot and supports you in the negotiations and marketing materials. Contracts and insurance is on us.

If you have a space Let's make it coworking

Bars, hotels, an empty floor - anything can be Twostay. You don't need to have all the space reserved for coworking, just depends how big you want it to be! Also, it could be that your activity is just at night or you have a reserved area not used at its full potential

Receive Twostay Kit

Twostay app/website to manage coworkers and sales, mobile WiFi, signs and everything you need to make your coworking awesome. You get access to our learning academy of how to grow a community and Twostay Team support.

Grow your community

Get your people in and make the space thrive. We support with with budget and infrastructure. We take care of your SEO and digital marketing.

Share Revenues

Get paid for your efforts, organize events and grow your own business.

Why Twostay Coworking?

We are moving towards a world in which people everywhere can work flexibly. There are probably enough professionals in your neighbourhood who are looking for a possible alternative to the home office or a long commute to the office.

A coworking space is easy to manage and can be a really profitable solution if you use the two-stay community management approach. We rely on the community to provide day-to-day operations and we make sure that the host (you or if you are a location owner, we will find one for you if necessary) can easily overlook the tasks and visit the location. That’s all we ask of the location provider! We come with what is needed.