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Best podcasts for freelancers and entrepreneurs

We have selected for you the best business podcasts to get inspiration for your next business idea or just to get some help with every day life struggles of entrepreneur and freelancer life.

Podcasts are a great way to fit in some extra inspiration while you’re on the go. The best part about podcasts is the accessibility and ease with which you can tune into any episode. You could be commuting by car or public transport, walking your dog or at the gym, and still be able to pull out your phone and listen to your favorite podcast. It’s a sure way to hear first-hand experience from entrepreneurs and start-up founders that could guide you down your own path. 

There are currently an estimated 700,000 podcasts in 100 languages available to the public! It’s safe to say that finding one you enjoy could be more tiresome than enjoyable. In our spaces freelancers and entrepreneurs are the biggest community, that’s why we’ve done the work for you and rounded up some of the best and highest-ranking podcasts for people that are self-employed, freelancers, entrepreneurs; YOU!

You should use the tips given as guidelines; NOT guarantees. Your business is your baby, and no one is going to know how to take care of it more than you do. Listening to success (and failure) stories from freelancers and entrepreneurs can give you a glimpse into what may work for you, and what strategies you might want to avoid. And who doesn’t need an extra piece of inspiration every once in a while?

Tune in and enjoy!

1) Rise Podcast by Rachel Hollis

Rachel Hollis is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and the author of a #1 New York best-selling book “Girl, wash your face”. You want to learn how to be a morning person, be more productive, or how to turn your passion into your work? She has an episode for anything you need from interviews with other entrepreneurs to step-by-step guides on turning your business ideas into a reality.

2) The Tim Ferris show

Another best-selling author on our list is best known for “The 4-Hour Work Week” who
sits with startup founders and investors for their best business insights. He gives book recommendations in segments titled “Books I’ve Loved”, where he invites guests to share the books that have helped shape themselves as well as their careers.
Need Help to navigate the creative struggle, and  processes? He guides you to answer what he calls “the questions every entrepreneur should answer”.

3) How I built this

With Guy Raz.

Guy describes his podcast as “A podcast about innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists and their stories about the movements they built”.
He speaks with people from Daymond John, entrepreneur and investor currently judging Shark Tank, to Yelp CEO, Jeremy Stoppelman. Each have unique experience and insight into founding and running their own businesses from the ground up!

4) The GaryVee Audio Experience

With Gary Vaynerchuck

Started out as a wine expert helping his family business thrive, Gary later moved on to mastering the world of marketing, and is now one of the most influential investors and social media strategists in his industry.
He is considered a legend at growing businesses, including his own media agency, VaynerMedia.

5) TED Talks Business

Want to visit a TED talk everyday? Now you can just by tuning into a podcast! With “TED Talks Business” you can listen to the short but insightful talks specifically discussing business successes and strategies. You can even watch the full TED videos on the podcast app itself!

Being self-employed, freelancer, or entrepreneur may be new territory you’re exploring, but the right kind of guidance can equip you with the tools you need to make the most out of your business. (Even if you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, the learning process never stops!)

We hope this list was useful in helping you find a podcast you enjoy listening to & learning from! 


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